New Osteopath in Busselton – Mana Health Clinic is here!

Evidence based Osteopath in Busselton - Mana Health Clinic
Mana Health Clinic Osteopath
Mana Health Clinic Osteopath
Mana Health Clinic Osteopath

We were excited to open a new Osteopathy clinic for South West of WA residents and offer them holistic solutions to their health problems.

Mana Health Clinic is practising out of Perspective Consulting, located in Health Suite 4, 258 Bussell Highway, West Busselton.

We welcome you to come in and say Hi. We are always happy to explain what Osteopaths do and how we treat patients. It is an exciting time for us, Osteopathy Clinic is really popular in cities such as Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. 75,000 Aussies visit an Osteopath every week, so we are blessed to be in the South West of WA and provide an alternative view of healthcare to its residents.

Are you experiencing neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain or other issues? or,
Are you worried about going to your GP or the hospital with your issue?

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Teano Osteopath in Busselton - Mana Health Clinic

What is Osteopathy?

Patient-centred care, using an evidence-based holistic approach to health care involving hands-on treatment (manual therapies), health education, lifestyle management and exercise rehabilitation.


Hips Alignment Osteopath in Busselton

Why choose Osteopathy?

Osteopathy helps patients take control of their physical health and mental well-being. Having a holistic view of the situation means that we look at all the factors (internal/external) affecting your problem.

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Back Pain Osteopath in Busselton

What is our clinic’s philosophy?

You are the key actor in your health journey and we are here to support your pain-free and recovery goals, to improve your quality of life. At Mana Health Clinic, we don’t believe in quick fixes or magic pills but we guarantee to assist you the best we can, to ensure a sustainable approach to your health care.


Manual Therapy Osteopath in Busselton

We are EXCITED! Why should you be excited too?

Osteopathy is more than what you think. Mana Health Clinic is not just focusing on a patient’s bones, but we are looking at your body as a whole system, hence, we are focusing on joints, muscles, nerves and all other systems within your body. Our aim is to understand your issue and, together with you, develop a plan that targets your pain to ensure you have a better quality of life.

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Evidence based Osteopath in Busselton - Mana Health Clinic

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