At Mana, we’re passionate about helping you to improve your health and reach your goals. The clinic was created with the aim to change the way people experience healthcare for the better.

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Osteopaths do more than what you think and our approach to healthcare emphasises care.

We listen to your story, give you the time and the attention you need to tell us how you have been affected by pain.

We treat all our patients with care and empathy.

We believe that knowing is conquering. We provide reliable, fact-based and accessible information to help you navigate the medical jargon and myths that can stop you moving forward in your healthcare journey.

Our combination of hands-on treatment and movement programs will help you trust your body and feel empowered with your health.

Our aim is to make sure you have the tools to have long lasting results that change your life for the better.

For whatever reason after a session you don’t feel satisfied or if you don’t feel like the clinic’s approach is right for you, you won’t have to pay for your session.

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