Have you been to a Allied Health clinic and wasn’t sure if you were in the right place?

Is it daunting for you to choose a healthcare provider in the sea of options that you have out there?

How can you make sure that a clinic is the right fit for you?

Often, organisations exists for some social purpose. For example, Apple thrives to bring the best personal computing experience to people around the world.

So who are we? What is our social purpose? 

Choosing a health professionals is no easy task to do. In the sea of options, it can be difficult to know where to go. Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Myotherapists, Remedial Massage, Bowen therapists or Osteopaths? On top of that within each professions, every practitioners will have different training, philosophy, approaches and techniques. And to add even more challenge into your decisions making process, many therapists can have a special training and interest in women health, pain management, sporting injuries, occupational health and more.

Let us explain our mission and vision for your health to help decide if we are the right fit for you.

Teano came to Australia in 2010 and through his journey he experienced chronic lower back pain, had leg surgery for a broken bone and had multiple sporting injuries. 

“I remember that the journey was difficult and I found that it was tricky to find a practitioner who would take the time to listen to my story and give me the tools to support my recovery outside of their clinic. One day, I met a clinician who started to really delve into the origin of my problem and not just the symptoms. He empowered and motivated me to improve myself, change habits and engage successfully in my rehab program. ”



Since then, Teano and Jade brainstormed ideas of how they could do things differently in the healthcare industry.

We are not only offering Osteopathic services at Mana Health Clinic. We try to do pain management differently and we want to offer sustainable care in the healthcare industry. And we want to help people to achieve their goals, no matter how big or small.

“As I experienced, I want people who come to Mana Health Clinic to feel empowered and motivated to engage in a healthier lifestyle through a holistic approach.”

We want you to feel better, move easier and live an awesome life. However to get there, you need to be an active participant of your health journey.

So what to expect from us:

If you are suffering from persistent pain, you might be going around the merry go around of therapies to try to keep the symptoms at bay. Unfortunately, it is like a band-aid fix that do not really address the root cause of your problem. If you haven’t read our persistent pain blog, you should have a read here.

At Mana Health Clinic we do not do magic fixes or miracle cures. Healing takes time and we want to promote your ability to heal over the long term (emotionally, physically and mentally).

We want you to engage with your better self, so our program focuses on many factors to help you to:

– Engage with specific treatments activities

– Interpret and act on your symptoms

– Optimise your physical capacity

  • Manage real changes by creating new habits and emotional triggers
  • Learn pain coping strategies

– Osteopathic manual treatments to guide you to activate muscles and move your joints in different directions

As you can see osteopathic therapy is only one of the approaches that we use in our clinic but is not the sole focus of our consultations.

How do we deliver healthcare in 2021?

“After a year in practice, we realised we needed to do more to help people in Busselton and the greater South West WA.” Teano & Jade.

When you are suffering from pain for more than 3 months, it is understandable that it will take time for you to overcome your pain. So, we thought about things that can help you outside the clinic. There are 168 hrs in a week and you see us in the clinic for 45 minutes to 1 hour; This means that what you do outside of Mana Health Clinic to keep you motivated, active and connected, is essential. 

So, we had an idea and decided to bring technology into the mix to help. These days we always have our smartphones with us, so why not use it to learn new things to become your better self?

We created a pain management program to assist you with your pain. You can check more info here.

But essentially in our program, you will receive ongoing education videos to:

  • Help you understand your pain better
  • Learn how to deal with flare-ups
  • Create new habits that last
  • Adopt a new mindset during hard time
  • Learn how to cope when pain your is too much
  • Think differently about your diagnosis & much more 

On top of this, you will get an individualised holistic movement and lifestyle program to help with the journey.

That’s the reason why we are proud about our clinic promise to you: If you don’t feel that we are the right fit for you or we haven’t communicate a clear pain management plan for you in 20 minutes, your session is on us. We want you to be confident with your choice, if you feel that osteopathy or our pain management program is not suited for you, you can leave FREE OF CHARGE from your initial session.


Terms & Conditions for the FREE OF CHARGE SESSION:

– The osteopath will go through your medical history and physical examination with you that last for around 20 minutes.

– From his findings, Teano (your Osteopath) will explain you what his diagnosis is for your condition and the pain management plan needed to assist you for the long term.

– After highlighting the different options for you, the Osteopath will ask you directly the following questions:

” Would you like to continue with this management plan or would you like me to refer you to someone else?”

– If you do not want to continue with the treatment, we will stop the FREE OF CHARGE session which means that you will not receive osteopathic treatments (manual therapies), exercise rehabilitation or further planning for your session.

We want you to be confident with your choice and we want to help you regardless your decisions. We know a wide range of other practitioners in the area who are physiotherapists, chiropractors or osteopaths who can help you as well.



















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