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Shoulder Pain: Learn about what's causing your issue

Are you struggling to reach overhead or to sleep on your side?

If you’re suffering from shoulder pain that is impacting your daily life, read on to learn about the symptoms and how we may help you overcome your pain.

Do you experience pain in the back or front of your shoulder? Do you feel aching in the upper part of your arm?

Many patients report feeling pain and disability that impacts both their daily life and their work. The shoulder can be a significant source of worry as many of the body’s daily movements are generated from the shoulders.

My shoulder hurts when I lift my arm – What is causing my pain?

Shoulder issues can affect your day to day life. Daily tasks such as taking washing off the line, lifting your arms to wash your hair and pulling down those hidden-at-the-back-of-your-closet Christmas decorations.


  • A “catching pain” while moving your arm?
  • Reduced movement or weakness of the shoulder/upper arm?
  • Sensations of pins and needles (tingling) and burning pain down the arm?
  • Tension travelling up the neck?

Does this sound familiar to you?


  • The shoulder is a common source of problem in the body and one of the third most common complaints seen in health practises (1)
  • Recovering from shoulder pain is not easy and many patients report experiencing the pain up to 1 year
  • Flare-up episodes can occur up to 5 years since the injury occurred (2-3)
  • Shoulder pain is different from patient to patient (4). Issues concerning the shoulder can vary greatly – Rotator cuff tears, frozen shoulder, tendinopathies, fracture, dislocation, muscle strains, joint instability, shoulder impingement and more.
  • In medicine the shoulder join is often called the shoulder complex because there are many structures surrounding and passing within this joint, and it is the reason why the shoulder can be a challenging area to rehabilitate

So…Although research is still evolving around the management of different shoulder pain pathologies, exercise is the gold standard for shoulder rehabilitation (5). Happily, research has also shown that the combination of manual therapies and exercises used by Osteopaths have shown some positive outcomes in decreasing levels of pain in patients (6-10). Contact Mana Health Clinic to learn more.

Mana Health Clinic has a holistic approach to your health

Osteopathy can treat a range of painful conditions.

How can our Osteopath assist you with your shoulder pain?

Osteopath instructs patient to use resistance band exercises to treat shoulder pain.
At Mana Health Clinic, we work closely with you to ensure that you are an active player in your path to recovery. Osteopaths will work with you to identify your specific goals such as reaching overhead, sleeping on the side, carrying children or gardening, among others. For the simple reason that pain does not go away overnight it is essential to work as a team to develop a targeted rehabilitation process.

Osteopathy may assist you to create some strategies to achieve your goals, decrease your pain and regain some range of movement within your shoulder. You should expect your Osteopath to use lifestyle assessments, your medical history and physical examinations that may recognise the location of pain and the movement hurting you.

Remember – Your Osteopath will work with you, every step of the way that may enable you to start your journey towards recovery and a better quality of life.

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