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Postural Issues - The truth about posture

Does your work or lifestyle impact your posture and cause you pain?

Are you on your feet all day? Do You care for, lift, carry or breastfeed young children? Are you sitting for long hours everyday?

Have you ever wondered if your posture can be the cause of your neck or back pain?

You may need strategies both at work and at home to target your pain issues.

Is your posture really to blame?

You may have heard that posture could potentially be the cause or the contributing factor to your neck pain or back pain. This is both true and untrue. For many years health practitioners such as Physiotherapists, Osteopaths and Chiropractors have been advising patients with lower back or neck pain to sit-up straight.

Contrary to popular belief, there is no scientific evidence to suggest an upright sitting or standing position is the perfect posture, or that there is such a thing. Prominent and well-known Physiotherapist researcher Peter O’Sullivan agrees with this idea. However, even with research, it is not 100% known that posture is the primary factor in neck or lower back pain.

For instance, some people have ‘terrible posture’ but do not experience pain. Why? Because we are all unique. Everyone of us has different hobbies or responsibilities outside work, even though we might work at the same job.

However, it is true that once you have back pain, then your posture may indeed affect it (1). Confusing? To sum it up, this means that just because you have bad posture doesn’t mean you will have back or neck pain and vice versa – Just because you have back and neck pain doesn’t mean you have bad posture. However One can influence the other, depending on your lifestyle.


  • Neck or back pain is not caused by specific posture (2-5)
  • Slouching posture (bending) is NOT bad for your back or neck (2-5)
  • The perfect posture does not exist (2-5)

To learn more visit an Osteopath today to receive a comprehensive assessment that may target the root of your issues.

Mana Health Clinic has a holistic approach to your health

Osteopathy can treat a range of painful conditions.

How can our Osteopath work with you and your posture issues?

Pain is believed to be multifactorial in nature (6-8). So in other words, blaming posture alone, as the source of pain, is not correct.

A holistic approach is to understand your unique history, current lifestyle and any problems would be necessary to address your pain issues.

Looking after kids, exercising, feeling stressed, lack of sleep or driving large distances? What does your life involve?

A comprehensive lifestyle and physical assessment can be essential in order to move forward with your pain.

Osteopaths can guide you towards exercise training, lifestyle changes and may assist you to alleviate your pain with manual therapies if required.

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