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Are you experiencing hip, leg, knee, ankle or foot pain?

Do you have a burning sensation above the knee or running down the leg?

Do you have discomfort within the knee capsule or inside the ankle?

Is your hip, glutes or groin causing you pain?

Osteopaths do not focus solely on one part of your body but look at how they work together as a whole unit.

Hip, leg, knee ankle and foot pain. What’s the association?

From your hips to your toes, your lower limbs get you where you need to go – they are your literal way of getting to your destination. But to get from A to Z – or even to B, you’ve got to carry yourself to that point and pain can trip you up.

If you or someone you know is experiencing pain in any of those areas (hips, legs, knees, ankles or feet), you know that the impact on your life can be huge. Working, spending time with loved ones and even just getting out and about, all become more complicated and significantly more painful when you have lower limb issues.

Why lower limb issues? When you are only experiencing pain in the hip, knee, ankle or feet?

Well firstly, it’s a mouthful and secondly…

New evidence suggests that there is a significant association between hip, knee and foot pain (1,4). For example, addressing hip and foot mechanical function for the management of knee pain (patellofemoral syndrome) have shown some positive results (2,3). Similar results were found for knee tendinopathy as well – hip, leg, ankle and foot treatments influence the pain experienced in the knee (5). So this means that, often, pain experienced from the hip down is linked and referring to all of them as lower limb issues.

Did you know that lower limb pain includes the tendons and joints around the knee, hip and ankle?

  • Tendon issues can occur in the hip, knee, ankle
  • Ligament damage or joint instability is also frequent in the hip, knee and ankle after an accident or a fall
  • Conditions of the hip can include osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, bursitis, osteonecrosis, femoral impingement, ITB/Piriformis syndrome or sciatica
  • Similarly with the hip, osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis can also affect knee and ankle joints

The list of conditions that can affect your hip or your legs and its joints is wide and varied.

As you can see, our ability to walk on this earth can be affected by a lot of issues. But which one do I have and what are the risk factors? Seeing an Osteopath may help to determine what is the cause of your pain and which treatment can be best adapted for you.

Mana Health Clinic has a holistic approach to your health

Osteopathy can treat a range of painful conditions.

How can our Osteopath assist you with your lower limb pain?

Osteopaths and other allied health professions talk about assessing your GAIT and Kinematic chains. In other words, looking at the way you walk and how you are using your body efficiently while walking. This specifically focuses on your knee, hip or ankle, but also considers them together as a whole system with the upper body.

By taking your medical history and undergoing a physical assessment an Osteopath may determine what is the best course of action for you.

At Mana, your Osteopath will look at issues with a holistic perspective and make things simple to understand, to assist patients to move in the right direction on their health journey. In other words, we work with you to understand your story and your concerns to find a treatment plan that may fit your condition and your unique lifestyle.

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